Virtual Offices

Don’t need a physical space? Why not start with call handling, registered address or a mailbox? No more giving out personal numbers or addresses.

At the Foundry we want to take care of you even if you’re not joining us at the hotdesks. With a virtual office you can pick and choose options that work for you and your business. From a personalised call handling service, registered mailbox and postal collection, we can be your personal secretary! And if you’re meeting a client we have a selection of meeting and conference rooms that will give you a professional edge.

Be warned, though. Almost everyone who gets a mailbox with us moves in to the coworking space before very long. We’re just that nice.

Content with working from home for now, but hate giving out personal numbers and addresses? Get all the benefits we offer without moving in!

Why choose a
virtual office?

Call Handling

We will take and direct calls associated with your business. Don’t give out your personal contact, avail of a unique business number.

Business Address

Stop giving your network your home address. Instead, register with us and have the business centre be your official base.


With your address you can have all post sent to us first. We will hold this for collection and can forward post where necessary.

Preferential Rates

Stop dragging your clients to coffee shops or to your home office. Use our professional meeting rooms at a reduced rate!

Whether you're on the move a lot or just not ready to upgrade from the home office, our virtual services can give your business a professional edge. Stop handing out personal information for your business, and impress your clients with your very own secretary.
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